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The Role of Partnerships in Achieving the SDGs. 

On #GivingTuesday, I sat down with Chrysula Winegar, Senior Director at the UN Foundation, and had an amazing conversation around what the Sustainable Development Goals are, why they are so important, how cross-sector partnerships will play a critical role, how people can be involved, and inspiring encouragement for women and mothers.


Scaling Solutions to Achieve the sdgs


Local Impact, Global Lessons: Scaling Solutions to Achieve the SDGs.

The SDG Philanthropy Platform, the Scalable Solutions Funders Initiative and the Locus Coalition are hosting this event to exchange learning about approaches that achieve sustained impact at the local level, and how the philanthropy sector can better support partners to scale solutions beyond the local to the national and international levels.

We will explore how philanthropy, government, business and civil society efforts year-on-year can ultimately add up to achieve the ambitious 2030 goals. The event is sponsored by three collaborative networks. The SDG Philanthropy Platform serves as a global facilitator to help optimize resources and efforts by enabling effective collaboration, and is unique in having a deep understanding of the philanthropy and government sectors, access to rich data, and the ability to draw on robust networks to provide the tools, partnerships, and guidance needed to co-create and scale promising innovations. Scaling Solutions toward Shifting Systems is an initiative launched by the Skoll, Porticus, Draper Richards Kaplan and Ford Foundations with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors to encourage funders to work more collaboratively to place responsive, adaptive resources to provide systemic solutions to global pressing problems. Locus Coalition encourages an integrated approach to development that links the design, delivery and evaluation of programs across sectors to create lasting impact by improving their acceptability, reach, cost or sustainability. The event will begin with a light dinner and drinks followed by speakers from across government, philanthropy, civil society, and business. A Q&A session will follow and the evening will end with time for networking. Two new reports will be launched by the Scalable Solutions Funders Initiative and the Locus Coalition. Media will be present and the event will be livestreamed.


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