Interview: UN Foundation Senior Director Chrysula Winegar


  1. What are the Sustainable Development Goals?
  2. What is the role of partnerships?
  3. What is your role?
  4. Can you give an example


Ryan Carl:

“Welcome everyone. Today is Giving Tuesday, and I have the privilege and honor of speaking to the UN Foundation Senior Director, Chrysula Winegar. Today we are going to be having a conversation around the role that partnerships play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. So, welcome to the HUB!”

Chrysula Winegar:

“Thank you. This is fantastic.”


“Of course. So, for people who don’t know what the Sustainable Development Goals are, could you just give us a quick, one sentence, compact - what are they about and, in particular, what is Goal 17 about?”


“The Sustainable Goals are about people and planet. So, they are about all 7+ billion of us, and they are about all 193 countries who are part of the UN Membership System, and they are about really big, big hairy goals: ending poverty on this planet, tackling climate change, and making sure that there is equality, peace, and security for all.”


“Amazing. Can you just tell us quickly about what your role is in all of that and where you fit in?”


“The United Nations Foundation is a private foundation that sits to the side of the United Nations. We like to call ourselves the UN’s ‘BFF’. We are there to support the work of the UN, particularly here in the United States, but also through programs that we run around the world. We are an advocate, a champion, and a cheerleader for the Sustainable Development Goals, and do everything that we can to support the UN and the Member States in implementing those Sustainable Development Goals, which we often call ‘SDGs’, sorry for the acronym, but if you hear me say that, it stands for Sustainable Development Goals.”